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LoveBug is a dating sim parody where you get the opportunity to date young game developers at a game jam. Your goal is to finish a game project in just one weekend while teaming up with a bunch of strangers and fighting bugs late into the night powered only by coffee and passion for games.


Should you be spending precious development time flirting? Maybe not, but who cares as long as you have fun! Will you finish your game? Will you find love? Will you survive your first game jam?


Or will game dev will be the game death of you?

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Your Royal Gayness is a humorous PC game where you play as a prince managing a kingdom while your parents are away. And there's one more thing - you're gay, so you also need to come up with excuses to avoid marrying a princess.”

Welcome to the Villain Conference!

Create your own villainous character and take a portal directly to Vcon, where you can meet all the other baddies who know what's what.

Lovingly Evil features 5 dateable characters:

Imperia Maissard, the Evil Stepmother

Felix VonGloomheart, the Vampire

Nova, the Artificial Intelligence

Your Evil Clone

...and last but definitely not least: Satan himself!


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