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It's your first time at the Villain Conference, where all the villains who know what's what congregate to network and get to know the other baddies.

If you're looking for a partner, whether it's in crime or love (or both), Villain Conference is not a bad place to be...

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There's no villain as iconic and well known as Satan. He's the ultimate bad guy.

  Location at the conference:

A conference "booth" that's actually a grilling station. The hellfire makes the grilled goods taste extra delicious!


His work is very varied and creative. His responsibilities include managing Hell, providing jobs for devils and torturing souls, among other things.

  Minion's opinion:

"He knows his stuff, for sure, but he's pretty scary! I do my best to be a good employee so that I don't get on his bad side... I don't even want to know what would happen!" - An imp who prefers to stay anonymous


Imperia Maissard

If there was no evil stepmother,  there wouldn't be many fairytale princess stories either.

  Location at the conference:  

She likes to spend her time in the VIP area,  surrounded by luxuries.


She rules her kingdom with an iron fist. No rebellion can stand against her power. The only thing getting in her way is her annoyingly good stepdaughter...

  Minion's opinion:  

"If I make a comment, I'll be beheaded. Her spies are everywhere!" - A servant who has since been beheaded. Rest in peace.

Evil Stepmother

Join the conference.


Lovingly Evil will be released on Steam on the 19th of August.

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