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This is a press kit for Lizard Hazard Games, the developer of Your Royal Gayness and LoveBug. More info about our upcoming game Lovingly Evil will be added later. Meanwhile, you can check out our main page for some character introductions, and if you need graphical assets, scroll to the bottom of this page. You can use this information to cover our game in your website, blog, your oldschool newspaper or basically anywhere you like.

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Game Info

Game Info

Your Royal Gayness is a management game with a focus on story. Play as Prince Amir and manage your kingdom while your parents are away, while pesky princesses try to compete for your affections, which you couldn't care less for - after all, you're gay.

The gameplay consists of three main parts: the audience phase, where you are presented with problems from your kingdom and need to make challenging decisions that affect your resources, the management phase where you give orders to your advisors and the event phase where anything can happen.

And then there are the princesses, but you never know when they will come knocking on your door...

LoveBug is a dating sim parody where you get the opportunity to date young game developers at a game jam. Your goal is to finish a game project in just one weekend while teaming up with a bunch of strangers and fighting bugs late into the night powered only by coffee and passion for games. Fight bugs in Pokemon-style battle sequences, enjoy silly game dev humor -- and maybe even find love?

Features -Your Royal Gayness

-Craft your own hilarious excuses to avoid marriage

-Randomized events create replay value

-Character randomization - a diverse selection of NPC:s

-Small decisions mount up over time

-Your choices shape your path as a ruler

-Gorgeous fairytale -inspired 2D art

-Humorous writing from industry professionals

-Original Soundtrack


Developer: Lizard Hazard Games

Platforms: PC, MAC, LINUX

Will be available on:, Steam

Release: 25th of January, 2018


Rating: No official ESRB rating yet, aimed for 13 and up.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

Features - LoveBug

3 love interests: Designer-kun, Artist-chan and Coder-senpai!
Also starring Animator-senpai, Producer-san and other supporting players.
Different endings based on your choices...
Exciting battle gameplay against them mean, mean bugs!
Lots of quality game dev humor!
A gender neutral protagonist!


Developer: Lizard Hazard Games

Platforms: PC, MAC, LINUX

Available on: Steam

Release: 24th of August, 2018


Rating: No official ESRB rating yet, aimed for 13 and up.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

Lizard Hazard Games

We are a small indie game company from Finland - you may have heard about our "booming game industry", but we at LizHaz are really just a few humble game devs working on passion projects. The company CEO (how fancy!) and project leader is Salli Loikkanen, and that's technically the whole company, but in reality there's always more people working on Lizard Hazard projects.

In addition to Your Royal Gayness and LoveBug, our team members have been enthusiastic participants of game jams, creating jam games like "Sam doesn't save the World", "Dance, my slimerinos, Dance", and "Our War Everlasting".

Our core values as a company and as individuals are tolerance and acceptance. We wish to make the world more peaceful and fair for everyone, but especially those who don't have equal rights yet, like sexual minorities. We believe games can be powerful tools to let people experience a different perspective, and help people understand each other better.

We also strive to be eco-friendly.

Your Royal Gayness team:

Salli Loikkanen, producer, coder and manager

Sylvia Smatanová, character artist

Hana Mori, background artist and sound designer
Juulia Jormanainen, concept artist

Nam-Ahn Lé, UI and graphic design

Verna Kiander, game designer and writer

Sydney Meeker and Sena Bryer, freelance writers

LoveBug team:

Julia Rässa - Team lead, artist, writer, designer, etc

Salli Loikkanen - Coder, writer, designer

Sylvia Smatanová - UI, backgrounds

Suvi Savikko - Music

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On LGBT issues and the devs' background

Salli Loikkanen, the lead dev:

"The subject of Your Royal Gayness is very personal to me. I'm a queer woman (specifically gray asexual / pansexual, if it matters), and while I'm fortunate to have lived in a very accepting environment, discrimination and LGBT+ issues aren't new to me. Most of my friends are also part of the LGBT+ community, so I'd like to make things a bit easier for them - and all queer kids - if I can.

Even though Your Royal Gayness is "just a game", I hope that in some small way it can spread awareness about gay issues. Maybe someone who doesn't know a lot about the struggles a gay person can go through will play it and sympathize with Prince Amir."


Without going too much into detail, I should mention that most of the people who work on Lizard Hazard game projects are LGBT+ or otherwise marginalized creators.


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